About Us

The Mission Statement of the Foundation created by its founder, Virginia Jane (VJ) Wilkins, is “… to assist the community of Arkansas City in providing a quality cultural environment of Arts, Music, language and other endeavors, which many times are shadowed by the importance placed upon athletic achievements.”

Otis W. Morrow, local Attorney, assisted Ms. Wilkins in creating the Foundation and serves as a Member of its Board of Trustees.  Ms. Wilkins cousins, C. Grant Wilkins and James M. Wilkins, both prominent business men of Denver Colorado, were appointed to serve as Trustees by Ms. Wilkins.  Karen E. Zeller, local business woman, is the fourth sitting Member.

The Trustees have announced that funding of these Grant awards will occur around December 1 yearly. 

The real beauty of this type of Foundation is that a minimum of five percent (5%) of the account value must be expended yearly. Therefore, the opportunity to renew funding will occur annually.

The V.J. Wilkins Foundation Trustees are very appreciative of the time, effort and thoughtfulness devoted to each of the applications seeking monies to improve the community.  The Trustees encourage other eligible entities to make application for 2021 with a deadline established to be July 1. Criteria for eligibility can be found on this web site.