The Community at the Burford Campaign

It gives the ACAAC Campaign Leadership Committee and the Board of Directors great joy to share with you that the Community at the Burford Campaign is the receipient of a $2 million gift from the VJ Wilkins Foundation!

This gift comes on the heels of two other significant gifts, a $500,000 donation from B.J. DeLong in memory of her father, Grover Cleveland Hargrove; and a challenge grant from Karen Zeller and Steve English which generated $150,000 in total from 18 donors. VJ had a great love and respect for the arts and believed they were essential to a vibrant and dynamic community. We are grateful for her Foundation's generosity. We are also grateful to the generosity of B.J. DeLong, Steve English, and Karen Zeller to making the theatre operational.

Finally we are grateful for your help. You were an early donor to this campaign, and we wanted you to be one of the first to learn this good news. Your early gift and pledge helped us to raise $3.9 million by the end of June 2014. Your gift and pledge allowed (and in some cases qualified) us to make application and secure more than $1 million from out-of-county and out-of-state.

The balcony and basements remain the only unfunded pieces of the theatre project. Portions of the commercial building also await rehabilitation. The theatre, itself, shoul.d be operational in 2016. Next renovations begin in early 2015.

One of the Wilkin's Foundation Trustees said it best, "To think that more than 600 donors had already gifted more than $3.9 million to this project was impressive." It communicated to the Foundation that this was a project important to the community.

Thanks to you and others the Burford will be a place where friends, family and neighbors will gather to build community. Thank you.